2020 has been an extremely stressful year in many ways, and it’s even been hard on our hair health. Stress can lead to a lack of sleep which can negatively affect both the scalp and hair. It can even lead to hair loss. As we move into 2021, it’s the perfect time to get a fresh start with your hair and give it the VIP treatment it deserves. It turns out you can improve your hair health very simply: By drinking more water.

Water and Hair Health: Why it Matters

Water makes up between 50 and 70% of your body mass, depending on your build and shape. Every part of your body needs it — including your hair. If you don’t drink enough of it, your body will reserve your H2O supplies for urgent processes and organs, leaving less crucial parts of your body, like your hair, to get dried out and unhealthy. To avoid this, men should drink around 3.7 liters of water a day while women need around 2.7 liters.

Hydration and Scalp Health

One of the primary ways it helps your hair health is by helping you keep a healthy scalp. Just like skin anywhere else on your body, your scalp can get dried out if it doesn’t get enough moisture. A dry scalp can become an itchy scalp, leading to dandruff and flakes. If you scratch your itchy head repeatedly, you could increase hair shedding or even damage the follicles. Drinking water regularly helps keep your scalp hydrated and healthy, which in turn, protects your hair.

The Link to Hair Growth

Lack of hydration directly affects your hair cells, stunting their growth. If you don’t drink enough water, you might find that the growth of your hair slows, or that it becomes very fragile or feels rough and unpleasant to touch. Good water intake also ensures that each hair strand receives the vitamins and protein it needs from within your body, via the hair roots. Drink plenty of it to ensure full, luscious locks and avoid breaking and splitting.

Water and Hair Health

Around 25% of every hair strand is made of water. Without a regular intake of fluids, your hair can become dull, lifeless, and curly hair will become limp and can even lose its curl. If you’ve found that your hair has been lacking in bounce lately, try upping your intake and you might be surprised when your hair gets a new lease of life.

In 2021, make sure you drink your recommended daily amount of water and watch your hair reap the benefits. If you’re struggling with hair loss, at Transitions hair replacement centers and clinics, we offer all proven hair replacement and hair restoration solutions for men, women and children. To find a location near you click here.








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