Pregnancy and motherhood brings a lot of changes to a woman’s life; weight gain, little sleep, hormones that seem out of control, breastfeeding almost around the clock, permanent pajama wearing, and even hair loss. While pregnant, women can suffer temporary hair loss when the hair goes into what is called a resting phase. About four months after the baby is born, this usually happens again in what is caused post-partum hair loss.

Jennifer Brown, a mom who had two pregnancies back-to-back, experienced hair loss during and after both pregnancies. “I got pregnant with my second child when my first was only seven months old. I lost some hair during and after the first pregnancy, but once I was in pregnancy number two, I started to see more and more hair in my brush. And when I pulled my hair back in a ponytail, I noticed that my hair was thinning considerably around the temples and near my forehead. It became so thin that I couldn’t wear my hair pulled back anymore.”

For other moms, female hair loss can occur more significantly on the top of the head where they may be small balding spots, or at the base of the forehead, causing a receding hairline.

Whether hair loss is due to pregnancy, motherhood, or aging, there are fun, positive ways to deal with it. Many women love to try on stylish wigs that fit their personality. Wigs are a wonderful way to cover up hair loss while working on hair replacement techniques.

“I love wearing wigs,” says Brown. “Sometimes I’m a blonde, sometimes a brunette, and my husband looks forward to my changing looks which is a real bonus for our marriage.”

It’s important to remember that hair loss during and after pregnancy is normal. However, some experience more hair loss than others. For moms who are looking to do something about their hair loss, it’s important to take the first step by contacting a Transitions Hair Loss Center. To find the studio nearest to you click here.



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