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Wigs Can be an Elegant, Simple Remedy to Female Hair Loss

Custom Women’s Wigs for Alopecia & Female Hair Loss

Hair loss can occur at any time and can be cause for a variety of different reasons. In many cases, hair loss can be permanent, requiring a lasting solution. In other instances, however, hair loss can be temporary in nature. In both cases, depending upon a woman’s individual circumstances, a high quality, expertly crafted wig can be a perfect solution.

Every woman deserves to feel confident in her appearance with radiant, beautiful hair. That’s why Transitions hair loss centers are so passionate about providing women with the very best in 100% natural human hair wigs and toppers.

Transitions member hair restoration studios and clinics are proud to offer both natural human hair as well as synthetic wigs especially made for women experiencing hair loss and thinning hair, including Reallusions custom 100% natural human hair wigs for alopecia and female hair loss. For this reason, most member studios do not even offer what might generally be referred to as fashion wigs. Rather, they provide beautiful custom wigs of medical quality that are virtually indistinguishable from your own hair.

Custom Wigs for Women with Hair Loss

For many years, wigs have had a particularly bad reputation. In many circumstances, that reputation was well deserved. It is broadly recognized that when it comes to wigs and hair additions, you only notice bad quality workmanship. The highest quality craftsmanship in wigs and hair replacement is almost never noticed simply because it is indistinguishable from real growing hair.

Reallusions alopecia chemotherapy trich medical wigs for hair lossThis is why the vast majority of quality wigs made for women with alopecia and medically related hair loss are handmade. As compared to machine made wigs, hand knotting gives a wig a much more natural feel and look. The hair freely moves and falls in a perfect natural manner when it is worn.

Medical quality wigs also are crafted to offer much greater comfort for extended wear since they are made to be lighter, more breathable, and cooler to wear, while at the same time being easy to care for.

Transitions member hair centers who offer wigs also offer salon and styling services to ensure your wig works beautifully your established look.

Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair Wigs

For the woman who is looking for the best in terms of comfort and styling ability, a high-quality human hair wig is without comparison. Today’s 100% natural human hair wigs are easier to care for and style than ever before.

Human hair wigs also have the advantage over synthetic wigs in that they can be colored and styled using hot blowers, curling or straightening irons, and rollers whereas synthetic wigs simply do not allow for these options since synthetic hair strands in most cases do not hold color well and when using hot styling tools, cause the synthetic fibers to melt.

With human hair wigs, your styling options are limited only by your imag