Cancer destroys lives in so many ways and sadly cancer treatment can be just as devastating. Chemotherapy literally attacks the body in order to kill the cancer cells. In addition to exhaustion and illness, chemotherapy and hair loss tend to go hand in hand. Hair loss is a horrible side effect that affects a person’s self-esteem. Fortunately, there are methods to reduce the risk of hair loss during chemotherapy.

The amount of chemotherapy needed does dictate the severity of hair loss. Most patients begin to experience hair loss by the third round of treatments. It can be very beneficial for anyone who is about to undergo chemotherapy to take preventative hair loss steps before treatment begins.

A newer preventative hair loss measure that has become popular in the United States and Europe is the use of cold caps. The device is and works exactly the way it sounds. You simply wrap a frozen cap around your head before, during, and after receiving chemotherapy. By freezing your scalp you will slow down blood flow to the hair follicles making it more difficult for the chemo to attack them.

If freezing your scalp doesn’t sound appealing to you there are ways to reduce the risk of hair loss. If you chemically treat your hair in any way it is best to stop the use of chemicals during chemotherapy. Chemicals are already damaging to hair and they would only work in conjunction with the chemo causing more damage to your hair. It is ok to resume treatment after your chemotherapy treatments have subsided.

Scarves have made a major comeback in the fashion world and they are an excellent way to protect your hair during chemotherapy. The treatment will dry out your locks and a silk scarf is not only fashionable but it protects your hair from the elements. Some hair healthy supplements can be taken during treatment, but you should always consult with your doctor first.

Hair loss during chemotherapy is an awful side effect particularly in women. Taking preventative measures can be helpful. If you’re experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy, do not let it take away your confidence. You will get through it. Hair loss is difficult to deal with for anyone. If you’re suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy be sure to schedule your hair and scalp analysis by finding a location near you. Click here.


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