trichotillomaniaPeople who suffer from trichotillomania can attest, each day is a challenge. It is a mental health condition which can result in extreme hair loss: The incessant need to pull all of your hair out can make a person feel like they’re going crazy, not to mention the lack of self-confidence after discovering bald patches or thinning hair. Apart from receiving medical treatment and help from a hair loss professional, below are some techniques to prevent yourself from pulling your hair out at home.

  1. Keep Triggers Out of Sight

When you have an intense desire to pluck out facial hair, eyebrows or hair from your scalp, having tweezers in plain sight will make the urge worse. Put them away so that you can’t see them. Then, the temptation to tweeze will be less.

  1. Keep Your Hands Covered

Although this is easier to pull off in the colder months, making your hair more difficult to get a hold of is a simple way to address it. Covering your hands with elegant gloves, or getting a professional manicure which you don’t want to mess up from scratching at your scalp.

  1. Busy Your Hands

Many people who suffer from Trichotillomania find it beneficial to keep their hands occupied. Investing in stress relieving stimulation toys, like stress balls and fidget toys can be helpful. It’s been proven that fidgeting also improves focus and concentration!

  1. Set Goals and Reward Yourself

When you’ve attempted to not pull your hair — and when you’ve succeeded, even only for a day — reward yourself! Small indulgences like a relaxing bubble bath, ice cream runs with your buddies, a Netflix marathon with your friends, meditation … anything you enjoy doing that makes you happy.

Trichotillomania is surprisingly a fairly common issue. It’s helpful to speak with others who are suffering from it, or join support groups to get emotional help throughout this difficult time. And don’t forget, self-care and prioritizing your body and hair makes a huge difference on your outlook on defeating this condition.

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