All brides want to look their best on their wedding day, but what do you do if your hair is not long enough to create the hairstyle that you want to have created for your big day? You could use hair extensions to make your hair look longer and fuller than it really is. The guide below walks you through a few tips to use to ensure that your extensions can be used seamlessly on your big day.

Choose Hair Extensions that Are Made from Human Hair

You need to invest in hair extensions that are made from human hair, not synthetic materials. Many bridal hairstyles require the hair to be styled with a heated styling tool. Your stylist will not be able to curl, straighten, or apply any heat to the extensions at all if they are made from synthetic materials because the hair will melt the second heat touches it. Human hair extensions are slightly more expensive, but well worth the investment because they can be styled and can be used again and again if needed.

Have the Hair Extensions Dyed

The ultimate goal of 100% natural human hair extensions is for no one to know that you have them in your head. Have the extensions dyed when you have your natural hair dyed so that they can match your hair perfectly. The stylist can even add highlights and lowlights to them as needed.

When the day is over you can take the hair extensions out and wash them like you wash your own hair. You can then store them flat in a drawer until you are ready to use them again. They are a very affordable way to get the look you want on your big day without having to make any major changes to your own hair.

At Transitions Hair Loss Centers, our hair extensions are absolutely the gentlest way to lengthen and thicken your hair. No damage or risk. There are many comfortable, undetectable attachment options available. To find a studio nearest you click here.

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