human hair chemotherapy wigs - breast cancerBattling breast cancer is never easy. Chemotherapy is a common treatment used to fight breast cancer. But a side effect of chemotherapy is hair loss which can often the situation even more difficult because people often start to feel self-conscious about their appearance while also worrying about their health. Wigs can be a great option to hide the fact that you may be losing your hair and keep your self-confidence high.

Choose a Wig That’s Made from Human Hair

There are many different types of wigs of the market. If you want to be able to wear your wig in many different ways, a wig made from human hair is your best option. Human hair can be styled with heat or dyed to any color you choose. Wigs that are made from synthetic fibers cannot be styled with heat because the strands will melt. It also cannot be dyed because it cannot stand up to the chemicals.

Have Your Wig Professionally Styled

Whether you choose to purchase a human-hair wig or a synthetic wig, you need to be sure that you have the wig styled by a professional. You can choose any cut you choose but wearing the wig while it is being styled ensures that it is trimmed to fit your head perfectly. It’s best to choose a wig that has hair that is a few inches longer than the style you want to wear. This ensures it can be styled properly without leaving you with a style that is shorter than you feel would look best on you.

Store Your Wig Properly

After your wig has been styled, it’s important to store it properly when it isn’t being worn. You need to store it on a wig stand so that it keeps its shape. You can choose a stone, plastic or even foam wig stand. It’s best to keep the wig in an environment without a lot of humidity. This keeps the hair fibers from breaking down prematurely.

Wigs come in so many shades and lengths that keeping your self-confidence as you battle breast cancer can seem less difficult. You can change your look on a daily basis if you choose, which allows you to pair your look with your mood each day to ensure you feel as good about how you look as possible throughout the treatment process.

Talk to a Hair Loss Professional Near You

At Transitions member hair loss centers, wigs designed especially for women undergoing chemotherapy or other medical treatments that cause hair loss are virtually indistinguishable from your own natural growing hair. A qualified member hair loss specialist near you will be more than happy to provide you with a consultation, so feel free to contact them today to learn more.




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