Coconut oil is the new health care craze, and you see if everywhere but is safe to be used on your hair? Coconut oil offers many advantages but there are dangers to using it incorrectly too. If you want to have thick, luscious locks, you need to make sure that you keep your hair strong. Ensuring that it’s properly moisturized is important, though because all of the stress it is put under on a daily basis can cause it to become damaged and weak. Styling with heating tools, exposure to the elements, and having your hair dyed can all cause damage to your hair. The guide that follows walks you through a quick and easy way to use coconut oil to give your hair the moisture it needs to be as healthy as it can possibly be.

It is important to mention the benefits you can get from coconut oil being used on your hair could in fact cause hair loss for some people. If you have researched coconut oil uses, you probably have come across common issues that people have encounters from thinning hair to hair loss. The problem is that coconut oil is different from other hair oils. Its molecular composition can make it a problem for your hair. Many hair oils have molecules that are too large to enter into the hair shaft, but coconut oil can. When large amounts are applied to your hair it can actually cause protein loss in your hair. The molecules enter into the follicles, and it can plug them up and that will cause the follicle to no longer be able to produce hair. This is why everything we talk about from here on is to be used in small amounts so it can be safe for your hair.

Is Coconut Oil Safe for Use on HairChoose the Right Coconut Oil

When you go to purchase coconut oil, there will be many options available to you. It’s important to realize that paying extra for a brand that is labeled as being organic is not really needed. You do need to look for oil that says it is cold pressed rather than oil that is expeller pressed. Cold-pressed coconut oil has more of the vitamins and nutrients in it than expeller-pressed coconut oil because of the process that is used to get the oil out of the coconut.

Apply the Coconut Oil to Your Hair Thoroughly

You can choose to invest in solid coconut oil or liquid coconut oil. The two oils are the same, except that the liquid oil will not harden when it is stored in cool conditions. Solid coconut oil will become a liquid when it is heated and turn back into a solid when it is cool. You can place the solid coconut oil on your fingertips and rub it between your hands to melt it and then apply it all over your head from root to tip. You can use the liquid coconut oil the same way, but not have to wait for it to melt.

Rinse the Oil Out Very Well

You can keep the oil on your hair for as long as you want to have it on. Many people choose to sleep with the oil on their hair overnight so that it has time to soak in all of the nutrients thoroughly. When you are ready to rinse out the oil, use hot water and shampoo to scrub the oil from your head. You want to be sure that a majority of the oil is rinsed from your hair so that you don’t walk around with greasy hair.

It’s best to do a conditioning treatment with coconut oil whenever you notice that your hair has started to become dry. You can do the treatment as often as you chose without having to worry about causing any damage to your hair.

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