A Closer Look at Megan Fox

You never know who might be suffering from trichotillomania. It’s easy to look at this Hollywood celebrity and think she has it all going for her: great looks, great skin and flawless makeup. Who wouldn’t want to be in her shoes?

A closer look at Megan Fox’s life reveals the stress and hardship she had to go through as a child and young teen. It started when her parents divorced when Megan was just four or five years old. You can imagine how traumatizing this life event could be for someone at that age.

Staying Positive in Negative Circumstances

It’s been said that Megan Fox was diagnosed and sent to the hospital for Trichotillomania, which can be a stressful disorder. Still, she managed to move forward in a competitive industry: Hollywood.

“If you’re claustrophobic or have space issues, this is not the industry for you,” she once said, in a candid, on-cam interview.

Recently, there have been rumors of Megan going through a divorce. With all the speculation surrounding her personal life, it’s easy for someone to feel stressed on an everyday basis.

As a young mom with a third baby on the way, Megan credits her post-baby experience for the reason her hair is so fabulous. “Post baby I had really good hair,” she’d once revealed.

If you, like Megan, struggle with everyday stress that affects your Trichotillomania, try to keep a level head by focusing on your best features.

Megan’s beauty philosophy, as told to Marie Claire: “‘Less is more’, so my daily routine consists of washing my face thoroughly and moisturizing. I drink lots of water and think it’s important to get lots of sleep.”

Keeping It Simple: Highlight Your Strengths

You can emulate Megan’s effortless look by making sure you are getting enough rest, taking your daily vitamins, exercising and giving your hair the care it needs.

If you want to try a brunette wig to get Megan Fox’s hair color, then match your eye makeup with brown and natural shades.

“I always wanted to be blonde when I was little, like Barbie and Pamela Anderson, but it would really damage my hair,” she told Marie Claire magazine. “My definition of beauty is simplicity, elegance and sensuality.”

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Photo Credit: 2 TOP Via Flickr Creative Commons


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