cheyenne jacksonHair loss can affect anyone and at any time. Actor and singer Cheyenne Jackson of Glee and American Horror Story fame recently shared his personal experience. The star observed the initial stages of hair loss in his early 20s and was consistently bothered by the symptoms. Jackson’s elder brother had also experienced hair loss, which prompted him to shave his head. The actor, however, chose an alternate solution – hair transplant surgery.

Jackson has had five hair transplant surgeries since his first procedure back when he was 28 years old. The actor has a long prominent scar across the back of his head as a result of those procedures. He had kept his story a closely-guarded secret due to the expectations and pressures of Hollywood.

However, the star decided it was time to share his story with others who were facing a similar challenge in their lives. Specifically, he wanted to show his two young children that they should always be proud of themselves and brave enough to face the world.

Understanding more about Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery is available in various techniques, which depends on the type and pattern of hair loss. Options usually include strip harvesting, which relocates hair-bearing scalps to bald or thinning areas, or follicular hair transplantation, a more delicate process dealing with individual hair follicles.

Follicle hair transplants are usually more time-consuming and tedious for sufferers and hair specialists, but processes are being sped up with advanced robotic technology. Flap surgeries (strip harvesting) are highly recommended for larger surface areas. The procedure causes minimal scarring and full-recovery is expected within two weeks of surgery.

Transplanted hair requires an average of nine months to fully take root and fill hair loss areas. The results of the transplant are usually based on the natural hair quality of the sufferer. Additionally, sufferers may require a combination of surgery and medical treatment for more lasting solutions.

Hair transplant surgeries are mostly successful and costs vary according to the number of grafts required per procedure. Hair loss is a highly treatable condition and a specialized surgeon can help you restore your hair and confidence in no time.

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