chemotherapyThere are many side effects that occur when someone has to have chemotherapy treatment. One side effect that is most worrisome to people is hair loss. People are worried about losing their hair, what they are going to look like and how it is going to make them feel. The following guide walks you through a few things you need to know about chemotherapy and hair loss.

Chemotherapy Doesn’t Mean You Are Definitely Going to Lose Your Hair

Just because a doctor says that you need to have chemotherapy it doesn’t necessary mean that you are guaranteed to lose your hair. Not all forms of chemotherapy cause hair loss. Your hair loss will be dependent on the type of medications that you take, the doses of the medications that you have to take and how long you have to take them. You could lose no hair at all during your treatment. It varies from case to case.

Hair Loss Occurs on More Than Just Your Head if You Do Lose Hair

If the form of chemotherapy that you are required to have does cause hair loss, you need to prepare for hair loss on more than just your head. Many people assume that they will only lose hair on their scalp, but really you lose hair on a majority of your body. This includes your legs, arms and even your eyebrows. Expecting this can make the process easier.

Your Hair Will Grow Back but There Are Things You Can do in the Meanwhile

Once you finish your chemotherapy treatment your hair should start to grow back on its own. There are medications that you can take to speed up the hair growth though. Talk to your doctor to find out which medications are safe to use and how to take them properly. You can also choose to wear scarves or turbans to hide your hair loss or even dawn wigs to give you the look that you get with a head of hair without actually having to have hair of your own. Losing your hair is only a temporary side effect of some chemotherapy treatments but is well worth the momentary inconvenience if you are able to live cancer free.

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