Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton 1969All the fame and money in the world can’t stop genetics, as illustrated by these celebrities who experienced hair loss.

Dolly Parton: Dolly Parton, famous for her phenomenal voice and that awesome amusement park, also has fake hair. In a 2016 interview, Dolly admitted to wearing wigs. She says years of bleaching and teasing her hair to heaven caused it to become too damaged and fall off eventually. So now she has wigs to thank for her voluptuous, blonde locks.

LeBron James: He may be the NBA’s MVP, but LeBron James still has to deal with losing his hair, something that his teammates and fans often mock him for.

Billy Joel: Singer Billy Joel went from a head full of jet-black hair to a totally bald head. Joel even said that when he started losing his hair, he feared it would affect his Rockstar image.

Taye Diggs: Would you even be able to recognize Taye Diggs with hair? We wouldn’t. That’s because Diggs has been bald for most of his career – and he has also reached heartthrob status.

Wendy Williams: Talk show diva Wendy Williams is another celebrity who relies on wigs to get their camera-ready hair. Williams was diagnosed with thyroid disease, which caused her hair to thin, and she turned to wigs.

John Travolta: Once known for having perfectly coiffed, jet-black shiny hair, as Danny Zuko, John Travolta is now bald. When asked about his new, new sleek look on Jimmy Kimmel, Travolta replied that he had become friends with Pitbull.

Ariana Grande: Pop superstar Ariana Grande has been open about her struggles with hair loss. She even admitted that her signature ponytail is due to her hair loss caused by extensive damage to her hair. Grande says that wigs didn’t work for her, and she found weaves to be annoying, so she opted for the pony.

Bruce Willis: After dealing with hair loss early on, actor Bruce Willis is now bald. Though the longtime Hollywood hunk has lost his hair, he still has charisma plenty of and charm, as he continues to show us on the big screen.

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