celebritiesCelebrities, they’re just like us! This cliché statement is true when it comes to hair loss. Several celebrities have suffered from alopecia and used methods like wigs or hats to cover it up. These five-famous people are not so different from you and me!

  1. Viola Davis

Viola Davis is an award-winning actress who at the moment is the only black woman ever nominated for three Oscars. She was the leading lady in the wildly popular movie, The Help, and stars in the hit TV show, How to Get Away with Murder. Back in 2014, Viola revealed to the media that she had been struggling with hair loss since she had first experienced alopecia at the age of 28. To cover it up, she wore wigs so the media wouldn’t suspect a thing.

  1. Tyra Banks

Tyra always looks so fierce there’s no way she could suffer from hair loss, right? Wrong! The model and host of her own reality show was doing fine in the hair department until she started writing a book. The stress from the experience gave her “a little alopecia.” Luckily, after her book came out her hair problems seemed to disappear, but in the meantime, she likely wore wigs, extensions and weaves to keep things looking normal.

  1. Neve Campbell

Brunette Neve Campbell is most well-known for her iconic role in the horror movie, Scream. She suffered from alopecia when she had a large workload, was going through a divorce and also had a stalker. She believes this stress caused her to lose hair in patches during that time. She never discussed how she dealt with it, but since she was 23 years old and often in the spotlight, she probably had a team of stylists working to keep her hair looking normal.

  1. Ella Shaw

Ella Shaw is a pretty blonde singer who rose to fame on the reality TV show, Britain’s Got Talent, when she was just a teenager. She got alopecia when she was 10 years old, and though she is recovered now, she has used her new fame to create a charity concert that benefits a British Alopecia non-profit organization.

  1. Sean Ward

Sean Ward is an actor who once considered quitting the business due to his hair loss problems. He developed alopecia after a bad breakup and figured that no one would hire him with a patchy scalp. Luckily, he kept following his dreams, and he now has his dream role on British soap, Coronation Street, and his hair has made a full recovery.

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