teenage hair loss boys girls alopecia diseaseTeenage Hair Loss Causes & Remedies

Hair loss can be embarrassing for anyone, especially teenagers. At a stage where their bodies are always changing, it can be quite distressing, and that is why it is crucial to identify the root cause of teenage hair loss and address it before body image issues begin to arise.

Extreme Hair Care Can Lead to Hair Damage and Teenage Hair Loss

Extreme hair care is one of the mechanical causes of teenage hair loss in girls. Vigorous hair washing, curling, extreme heat on hair, bleach and coloring treatments, hairstyles such as tight ponytails, and excessive use of hairdryers can lead to hair loss. All these cause hair breakages and adversely affect the hair follicles and scalp leading to hair loss. It does not mean that your teenager cannot style or treat their hair; it merely means that there needs to be more consideration into the hair products they use and types of hair treatment.

Malnutrition Can Cause Teenage Hair Loss

Diets high in protein and iron are known to contribute to healthy hair. Examples of such foods include leafy vegetables, eggs, liver, dates, beans, fish, avocados, olive oil, and nuts. These foods help encourage hair growth, reduce hair fall, and ensure healthy strands with a natural luster. Eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia are highly prevalent in adolescents. Such diseases and poor eating habits lead to the body lacking essential nutrients that are necessary for functions such as normal hair growth.

Different Medications for Teens List Hair Loss as a Side Effect

Various medications come with disheartening side effects such as hair loss. They contain chemicals that cause hair to break or fall out, for example, diet pills, acne medication, some bipolar medications, and some birth control pills. Make sure to discuss the various medications they are taking and the potential side effects with your teenager’s doctor. Chemotherapy is also known to cause hair loss; however, hair grows back once the treatment comes to a halt.

Teenage hair loss in boys and girls is not very common, regardless of where you live whether it be Sydney, Australia or New Haven, Connecticut, or anywhere in between. However, when it does occur, visit your dermatologist and a professional hair loss specialist near you immediately. Prompt action helps identify the root cause as soon as possible, which is crucial to identifying the most effective treatment plan.

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