hair lossMyths regarding hair loss have been spanning the globe for centuries. Some myths are true and some are false. Do you know which ones to believe and which one’s cause hair loss?

1. Washing your hair too often—True or false?

It’s important to know that losing some hair when washing it is normal. The rumor that washing it too often causes permanent hair loss is a myth. The hair that does fall out while washing your scalp is only a fraction of what’s on your head, and it is a natural process for the regrowth of new follicles.

  1. Excessive exposure to the sun – True or false?

We are well aware that overexposure to UV rays from the sun is bad for your skin however, it doesn’t cause disruption to new hair growth. The sun might be a culprit in lightening your hair color a bit, as it tends to turn brunettes a little blonder throughout the summer season. Hence, the “sun-kissed” hair fad. Although, it is true that an excessive amount of sun can cause dryness and breakage without proper conditioning, the sun is not responsible for hair loss.

  1. Plucking out gray hair will bring on more gray hair – True or false?

It is natural during the aging process for our hair to lose pigmentation. The idea of plucking one gray hair out will cause three or more to grow back truly is an old wives’ tale.

  1. Standing on your head will help hair growth – True or false?

As stupid as this sounds, this myth is fairly popular. It makes sense to people because it is widely known that healthy blood flow to the scalp can increase hair growth. However, your physician and hair restoration specialist will tell you, the top reasons for hair loss are genetics, hormones and aging.

If you think you might be suffering from thinning hair or hair loss and you’re ready to take control, regain your self-confidence and restore your hair to its natural volume and healthy appearance, contact your nearest Transitions member hair replacement center or hair restoration clinic today to see how easy and affordable it is to restore your hair. To find the one closest to you click here.


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