October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and that means a lot of pink ribbons and hearing people talk about their struggles with this challenging disease. You really can’t talk about breast cancer, a condition that mostly affects women, without talking about the heartbreak of hair loss due to chemotherapy. Many women who lose their hair find that getting a wig for temporary hair replacement goes a long way to boosting confidence.

Wig Preparations

Before patients even need a wig, most people recommend cutting hair short or even buzzing it. This is so that wig seekers won’t have to deal with the shock that comes with clumps of hair falling out. Plus, when the hair does grow back, chemo pros will be used to having short hair, meaning a quick-growing crew cut will have them back to themselves. Wigs look best on top of short hairstyles anyways, so it’s really just prep for a new ‘do.

It’s Fun to Pick It Out

Wigs allow everyone to have any hairstyle they want. Maybe a person’s natural hair is too thin or thick for the hairstyle of their dreams, but with a wig, it’s all available. Get that pixie cut you’ve always wanted or go for those flowing locks you’ve never been able to grow. Just looking through style books and magazines with a friend can be an uplifting activity. When patients realize just how much is possible, it becomes more about which shade of hair to go with than worrying about hair loss!

Catch Them All

With natural hair, similar hairstyles must be worn day in and day out, unless a haircut is in order, which can only be done so often. With wigs, it’s easy to have a few different hairstyles that change at a moment’s notice. This is especially true with synthetic wigs.

Feeling Confident

Attitude is everything and facing the day with a smile on your face can make things much more bearable for cancer patients. While cancer definitely sucks, having a fun hairstyle, or a few, can make the difference between not wanting to do everyday tasks as simple as going to the grocery store and getting out there, living life as one normally would. Having at least one great wig is a way to put cancer in its place and not let it get you down.

Having breast cancer and experiencing hair loss as a result of cancer treatments can be both scary and confusing. If you are an individual that is going through this, at Transitions Hair Loss Centers, we understand that you are coping with not only a serious medical condition, but also with the social stigma that accompanies hair loss. To schedule a confidential consultation with a trained Transitions professional hair loss specialist, click here.



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