Premature Baldness & Heart Disease: Is There a Connection?

premature balding heart disease connectionNew research has established a link between male pattern baldness and an increased risk of heart disease in men under 40. Men who suffer this form of hair loss before their 40th birthday are five times more likely to develop the killer disease. And going gray prematurely signifies a similar risk.

A recent study in India involved 790 men under the age of 40 — all of whom had coronary heart disease. A total of 1,270 healthy subjects of the same age were used as controls.

Scores were given to the subjects based on their level of baldness and grayness. Researchers discovered that half of the under-40s with heart disease had gray hair, while only 30 percent of the healthy men were gray.

The results among the balding subjects were equally as intriguing. Around half of the men with heart disease had male pattern baldness, while just 27 percent of the healthy group had it.

This latest research backs up what many doctors have been saying for years. Indeed, there are several visual warning signs that suggest people could be at a higher-than-average risk of developing heart disease. Issues such as yellow deposits on the eyelids, ear-canal hair and an earlobe crease are all considered risk factors.

Premature Baldness and Your Health?

It’s important to note that there are several contributing factors when it comes to heart disease in relatively young men. Issues such as genetics, obesity, type-2 diabetes, smoking and cholesterol all play a part in the development of the disease. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, you shouldn’t worry unduly about hair loss or going gray.

But these are risk factors that need to be taken seriously. Grayness and male pattern baldness are signs of chronological age, and they could indicate a higher-than-expected vascular age.

Stay Vigilant. Going grey and losing hair are essentially cosmetic issues. And while both can cause distress and a range of mental problems, they can be masked or treated in a number of ways. The most important thing to take away from this research is the need to stay vigilant if you’re under 40 and experiencing premature baldness or grayness.

Speak with your doctor, who might suggest you undergo regular monitoring for heart disease. It’s also vital that you make crucial lifestyle changes if necessary. A healthy diet, managing your stress and getting lots of exercise reduces your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases — so heed the warning and look after your body.

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