Autumn is here and with the change of seasons comes different hairstyles. Some of us experience more than just new hairstyles, some of us change from short sleeves to sweaters or even see green leaves turn to orange leaves. To us, it seems natural that we should change our hairstyles to match the changing in seasons, wouldn’t you agree? In this post, we will discuss three trendy styles that are autumn inspired, and we hope you decide to experiment with your hair and change it up. If you are struggling with your hair loss and would like to discuss what options are available, please click here and a Transitions Hair Loss Member that is closest to you will answer your questions. Ask specialist near you a question!

Undercut Hair Style

There seems to be one style lately that has been going strong, and that style is called the Pompadour. This seems to be a popular cut for many men and you can do an undercut of any fashion. There are two versions of this style cut; the prohibition cut is for the workingman, while the looser version is perfect for a relaxing evening.  Do you already have an undercut? Then try growing a beard to go with it.

If you are the type of person that likes the Caesar hairstyle, this autumn try adding a bit of length to the front. This can be a style that you slowly integrate by growing it over time, while having your stylist adjust accordingly each time. The result can be a more stylish look without any additional effort. Perhaps you will begin to love this new look and keep it through out the winter as well!

Ok, so not many men have the long hairstyles, but for those of you that do, this is time to let your hair loose. Esquire explains that it is very difficult to pull off long hair, but if you are a person that looks great in long hair, then you can add a hearty element to the autumn season.


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