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The International Association of Hair Restoration & Hair Loss Treatment Professionals

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The Leading Authority in Hair Restoration
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Transitions International Group is the largest hair replacement and hair restoration specialty organization in the world.

Founded in 1990, Transitions serves over 50 hair replacement studios and hair transplant clinics worldwide, making Transitions International a global authority on hair loss treatment and hair restoration for men, women, and children.

Transitions’ mission is to advance public awareness of viable, clinically proven hair loss treatment solutions and non-surgical hair replacement options for individuals suffering from thinning hair and hair loss, regardless of cause or hair type through encouraging the highest standards of continuing professional education, training, and marketing excellence.

To serve our members, we provide on-going support and programs to facilitate and enhance public awareness of proven hair loss solutions, both surgical and non-surgical, while fostering the highest professional and quality standards in the hair replacement and hair restoration industry.

Our mission is to provide men and women of all ages with genuine solutions for their hair loss, enabling them to look the way they want to look and be the person they want to be, restoring their hair, confidence and self-esteem.

Our website welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and is one of the most trusted online sources for those seeking unbiased information on clinically proven hair loss solutions and who are looking to connect with qualified, highly trained and experienced hair loss solutions providers.

Inspiring Confidence. Nurturing Success.

Transitions International Group members are among the most respected leaders in the hair replacement industry. Members, both past and present, have achieved remarkable recognition for their contributions to the advancement of hair loss treatment and hair restoration, including:

  • The founding and creation of the American Hair Loss Council
  • Serving as past presidents of the American Hair Loss Council
  • Educators at the national and international level
  • Creators of many leading-edge Hair Restoration procedures
  • Manufacturers of products for global distribution
  • Won every major industry award
  • Featured in numerous international journals
  • Acted as authoritative information source for numerous internationally syndicated television programs, magazines and textbooks

Transitions International is the world’s most prestigious group of hair loss professionals. On average, each member studio or clinic has been in business for over 30 years. Membership is limited to one hair restoration clinic or hair replacement studio per Neilsen DMA, thereby allowing members to freely interact and share their knowledge with other members.

Membership Has Its Benefits

Potential members must pass strict criteria standards, including their reputation for service excellence, experience, knowledge, skill, integrity, financial strength and adherence to both industry and generally accepted customer service best practices.

If you are an experienced hair loss clinic or studio owner whose principal business is hair replacement, hair transplantation, or both, we invite you to consider joining Transitions International Group.

Professional & Business Development

Helping you help your clients and patients reach their hair restoration goals.

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