mens non-surgical hair restoration options solutions before afterDo you think you know all the facts about men’s hair? Think again. There are many myths about men’s hair; some that you probably weren’t even aware were myths. Here are five myths about men’s hair debunked:

Myth 1: Tight Hats Make You Go Bald

Hats have nothing to do with baldness. Wearing a tight hat will not make you go bald. The only factors that can make you go bald are ones that you have no control over, like genes, hormone imbalances and immune diseases.

Myth 2: Dandruff Is Caused by a Dry Scalp

It’s easy to see flakes on your black shirt and think they must be caused by a dry scalp, especially in the wintertime when your skin’s dry. But dandruff is actually caused by a buildup of yeast on your scalp. When you get dandruff, grab the medicated shampoo, not the conditioner.

Myth 3: Shampoo Stops Working After Awhile

If you use the same shampoo all the time, you have to switch to another because it stops working, right? Wrong. You can keep using the same shampoo day after day, year after year, and it will always clean your hair. However, if you use styling products like gels and clay, you may need to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of product buildup.

Myth 4: Stress Makes You Go Gray

Stress will not make you prematurely gray. Your family history and genetics play a much larger role in when you’ll start to see gray hairs. While high levels of stress may cause oxidative damage to the cells that product pigment, it’s unlikely that stress is the culprit for more than a few gray hairs.

Myth 5: You Can Train Your Hair

You may have heard that if you want to get rid of a cowlick, or get your hair into the right style, you need to “train” your hair to lie a certain way. The fact is that you can’t train your hair. Your hair is not a muscle, and it has no memory. The follicles determine the direction in which your hair grows. You can, however, train yourself to get better and quicker at styling your hair.

With the right information and knowing facts from myths, you can treat and style your hair the right way. If you’re suffering from hair loss, it may be your time to reach out to Transitions member hair loss center near you and schedule a free, private consultation where you can have your hair loss professionally evaluated and find the perfect hair loss solution for you, your hair, and your life.

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