dirty hairWith many celebrities glorifying the bedhead style, using dry shampoos, donning unwashed dirty hair, it can be difficult to know what is right or “on trend.” The question remains, “is it good for my scalp?”

If you’ve considered going for days or maybe weeks without washing your locks, consider this first. We have evidence of what happens to the scalp, follicles and hair when it goes unwashed for days far too often.

Dirty Hair is Harder to Manage

As days go by, your scalp will unavoidably acquire dirt and grime. While dry shampoos allow it to appear okay or even volumized or smooth for a couple of days, it will not last. A grimy scalp doesn’t just look gross; it’s pretty uncomfortable, too. You can decide how often you need to wash your hair, it can be a few days or once per week. Everybody is on a different time frame.

Oily Sebum Collects on the follicles

Most people know how it feels when your face gets oily — sticky and greasy. Well, so does your scalp. There’s always a natural production of oily sebum, intended to moisturize hair strands on a regular basis. But if left too long, it could build up on your scalp, causing an unsightly, gross feeling. This sebum will collect excess dirt and undesirable debris onto your scalp. Yuck.

Uncontrollable Itching Will Occur

You could experience dandruff already, or you could just be vulnerable to flaking, which happens while the pores and skin and scalp turns dry. This harsh dryness of the scalp leads to itching, which results in excessive scratching, particularly during the dry colder months. An excellent shampoo and conditioner can be helpful in keeping you from scratching your scalp manically.

Simply because something is a “fashionable trend” does not necessarily mean it is good for you or will work for you. See what works for you. Continually try to be the best you, you can be and not just follow other standards of beauty.

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