wigsIf you’re suffering from hair loss, the need to wear wigs or a hairpieces may not feel at all fun or glamorous. Yet you can take some comfort in the knowledge that these items have truly come a long way. In fact, if you scan the pages of any celebrity magazine, you’ll quickly see that wigs have never been hotter!  More and more people are transforming their look with a modern wig.

It’s not just the usual suspects like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Nikki Minaj with their over-the-top numbers either. Other A-listers like Adele and Beyonce are well known for sporting wigs, although you’d never necessarily know it because of how incredibly realistic they look. Here are three reasons to love wearing wigs today:

Wigs are Made Better

Long gone are the days of the rug! Modern wigs–made either from human hair or synthetic materials–are almost impossible to tell from the real thing, with a bonding technology that even allows for ponytails and other styling possibilities. That same technology applies to pieces and wigs for guys too, with the likes of John Travolta and Robert Pattinson known to have worn great looking versions.

If you desire the most realistic look with the softest feel, then a wig made from human hair is unbeatable. But these days the materials in synthetic hair make these wigs look and feel amazingly like the real thing too. They also cost a lot less.

Wig Maintenance Is Easier

The other advantage of the synthetic wig is that it can be worn right out of the box. This wig is easier to maintain too, with the hair bouncing back into place with minimal effort.

A human hair wig can’t be worn out of the box, but the advantage is that you can cut and style it to get it looking exactly how you want. After that, you can even style it with heat to change up your look as often as you could with a head of real hair.

In either choice, you can keep your wigs looking beautiful with hair care products carefully developed for their maintenance.

So Many Styles to Choose From!

Whether it’s for a medical problem or to glam up a look, choosing a wig has never been more fun, with a huge range of beautiful styles, colors and cuts to pick from. Hairpieces are increasingly popular too, great for thinning hair and all the rage in mainstream fashion and the celebrity world for adding realistic volume or length to a hairdo.  You can choose between human hair wigs vs synthetic wigs.

With the technology behind today’s wigs and hairpieces creating products that look and feel better than ever, hair loss sufferers can take comfort in turning to this convenient surgical-free option.

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