Hollywood is notoriously brutal when it comes to appearances, which compels stars to cling to their youthful appearances by any means necessary. For male stars with thinning hair, aging gracefully places the focus on their hairlines. Ten stars in particular, however, flat out refuse to go bald. By exploring hair loss treatments, these macho super stars have successfully erased decades of aging.

  1. Ben Affleck
    In 2008, photos were released showing a bald spot forming in the back of Affleck’s head. Similar pictures were circulated for years, although as of 2016, Affleck shows no signs of balding after reportedly undergoing hair transplant surgery.
  1. Burt Reynolds
    Comparing recent photographs of Burt Reynolds to ones from 1970, there is little change. It has long been suspected that Reynold’s hair is actually a hair system made of synthetic hair.
  1. William Shatner
    William Shatner also joins the list of male stars that disguise their balding. It is believed that Shatner has been sporting an old fashioned toupee since his late 20’s.
  1. John Travolta
    John Travolta has tried disguising his hair loss in numerous ways, from shaving his head to wearing wigs. Recently, it appears that Travolta underwent hair transplant surgery as a more permanent solution to his hair loss woes.
  1. Hugh Laurie
    Hugh Laurie sported a full, dark head of hair as Dr. House, but on the red carpet he appeared with gray, balding locks. Since 2014, Laurie has once again been seen with a full head of hair as the result of a hair transplant.
  1. Kevin Costner
    In 2006, Kevin Costner made appearances in the public eye showing off typical male pattern baldness. In 2008, Costner reemerged with a new and fuller hairline. Several years have passed and his hairline still remains full and unchanged after the hair transplant surgery.
  1. Mel Gibson
    In the early 2000’s, areas of thinning were identified around the crown and the sides of Mel Gibson’s hair. After a hair transplant, Gibson once again has a very natural-looking full head of hair.
  1. Matthew McConaughey
    Matthew McConaughey claims to have used a product for hair loss after he was spotted with noticeable thinning, though experts suspect he actually underwent hair transplant surgery. Either way, in 2016, McConaughey no longer shows any signs of balding.
  1. Tom Hanks
    As early as 1989, Tom Hanks showed some signs of a receding hairline. In 2006, his hairline seemed to mysteriously improve and has remained intact; leading experts to believe Hanks has received treatment.
  1. Steve Carell
    Steve Carell’s hairline has changed throughout his time in the limelight. While he has never been seen with patchy bald spots, Carell did have visible thinning at the crown before treatment.

These male stars have come to grips with their hair loss by doing something about it. Guys, you can too. At Transitions Hair Loss Centers we are hair restoration specialists and we offer multiple non-surgical, non-invasive hair replacement and hair loss treatment solutions for both men and women. To schedule a free consultation, contact one of our studios by clicking here.









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